who we are

Women in Technology of the Heartland (WiTH) was founded in November of 2012 by nine women committed to creating an Omaha-area networking organization that would authentically connect, communicate, and collaborate, with the goal of advancing women in technology.

Women in Technology of the Heartland

Omaha, NE
1,846 Technical Women

WITH provides a fun networking forum for women to learn from and share with one another, focusing on the development and promotion of IT talent in women through mentoring and …

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upcoming events

We meet monthly. Check us out on MeetUp.

past events


December 2019 – Jingle Mingle; a holiday celebration. Thank you to our sponsors and all that donated! Proceeds went to the Lydia House.

November 2019 – Career Building: In an Agile Way, Mandy Kubicek, hosted at Farm Credit Services of America

October 2019 – How Innovation Has Shaped Kiewit & Their Current Technology Landscape, Kayla Kirzinger, hosted at Kiewit University

September 2019 – Center for Advanced and Emerging Technology (CAET) at Metro Community College with Victoria Novak

August 2019 – Real World Business Agility, Beth Schmidt, hosted at First National Bank Tower

June 2019 – Advancing Women Technologists in Omaha, Carina Glover, April Goettle, and Bianca Zongrone, Do Space

May 2019 How to Break-In to Software Development and What Technologies Are Most In-Demand, Abby Jones, Mutual of Omaha

April 2019 – The Differences Between Business Intelligence, Data Science, and Data Analytics, and How Each Help Your Business, Kim Buckley, HDR Inc.

March 2019 – The Value of Automated Testing, Lauren Koperski, Mutual of Omaha

February 2019 – Feng Shui in the Digital World, Pam Hagge, Harbinger-Partners

January 2019 – Effectively Managing Change, Susan Haller, First National Bank


December 2018 – Jingle Mingle Holiday Celebration

November 2018 – Defending Against Email Intruders, Stacy Eldridge, Lincoln Electric System

October 2018 – Emotional Intelligence, Rodney Verhoeff, Creighton University

September 2018 – Lightning Talk Extravaganza, 11 local user groups were represented

August 2018 – Using Data Science to Solve Business Problems, Nirosha Rathnayake, PhD, UNMC

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our history

The first meeting occurred in January of 2013 when approximately 30 women gathered to discuss organizing the group and establishing its goals.  Today, WiTH has more than 1,100 Facebook followers, and attendance at meetings is typically between 30 – 60 participants each month.

our mission

WiTH provides a fun networking forum for women to learn from and share with one another, focusing on the development and promotion of IT talent in women through mentoring and other outreach efforts,  so we’re not the only women in the room anymore.  

what to expect

Topics are technical in nature and cover soft skills as well as ways to further careers.  Occasionally, the meetings are networking events for people to get to know one another better or make new connections.

how we help

WiTH has enjoyed growing recognition and a number of successes. WiTH members have served as speakers for other organizations and members have gained insights and made connections which have advanced their careers.  At the same time, the community has benefitted from the group’s outreach, including collecting diapers for Lydia House, and food for the Omaha Food Bank.

what to bring

There are no membership dues required. Most meetings are sponsored by a local business or vendor, so there is no cost to attend. If there isn’t a sponsor, participants pay for their own food or beverages.

get involved

A subset of the group meets monthly to plan the meetings, and those members take turns organizing and facilitating.